Teeth Whitening in Memphis

Healthy Oral Hygiene in Memphis

Are you constantly working to achieve a brighter smile with a bevy of over the counter products, only to be met with mediocre results? Whiter teeth can be harder to achieve than many of us realize. Stubborn staining is not often the cause of poor oral hygiene, but can in fact be the simple cause of many of the foods of your diet that many of us never realize are harmful to the look of our teeth. Fortunately, you do not have to give up your diet for a beautiful smile. You can find the care you need for shades whiter teeth with teeth whitening in Memphis at the state of the art offices of the Weston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

drneil_4The process of whitening your teeth is often more involved than many of us realize, and for others there are simply more obstacles in the way than just stubborn staining. Many of the healthy fruits and vegetables which patients enjoy on a daily basis can actively contribute to the staining of your teeth, as well as both white and red wine, and even green tea. For others, the use of whitening trays and strips at home can actually cause levels of pain due to sensitive gum lines and teeth. Fortunately, you can find the care you need to overcome any obstacle in your search for a brighter smile with teeth whitening in Memphis.

In-office teeth whitening in Memphis is as gentle today as it is effective. Laser whitening treatments allow for the most efficient tooth bleaching procedures with the combined use of micro-crystal whitening gel and a low-light laser that allows for procedures to be performed in 15 minute intervals repeated three to four times as needed. One in-office treatment can whiten most smiles ten shades or more for noticeably brighter teeth. Laser powered whitening treatments are performed with careful protection of the gums and lips, as well as through the use of gentle ingredients designed especially to provide highly effective whitening for sensitive teeth and gum lines. Laser whitening is the perfect way to brighten your smile before an important interview or even your wedding day for brighter teeth without the effort.

For the very best in teeth whitening in Memphis, be sure to visit the experts at the advanced care offices of the Weston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff proudly serve your local community with the latest advances in dental technology and procedure in both oral health and oral cosmetic fields for smiles that are as healthy as they are beautiful, as well as cosmetic facial treatments. With just one professional whitening treatment at the Weston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, you can achieve a beautiful smile that you will love to show off.

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