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Our Memphis general dentist knows that no restoration material or dental filling is as good as your natural teeth. When tooth structure is lost due to decay or trauma, however, dental materials must be used to replace it. There are many types of dental materials, from non-toxic to very toxic and mercury, which makes up 50% of the silver amalgam fillings commonly used by dentists, is an extremely toxic material. According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Center for Disease Control the mercury is known to leak from the fillings and enter the body where it accumulates in all organs, including the brain, thyroid, heart, liver, spleen, nerve centers, kidneys, prostate and ovaries. The level of degeneration in the tissues of these organs totally depends on each patient, their DNA, and the amount of mercury absorbed.

38138 Mercury-Free Dental Fillings

38138 Mercury-Free Dental Fillings

Mercury-free dental fillings consist of materials that don’t contain mercury and our Memphis general dentist uses safe removal techniques when removing existing mercury-containing materials. These removal techniques lessen your exposure to mercury while the materials are removed. It hasn’t been proven that mercury in dental fillings is a direct cause of any diseases, but there are many indications that mercury toxicity is a significant contributor to many chronic illnesses. Mercury is a heavy metal that destroys cells, enzyme systems, and nerves, and actually acts as a shield for many microbes against your immune system, interfering with oxygen transport.

Mercury fillings are also close to other metal restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and partial dentures, so it’s recommended to eliminate them so they don’t produce electrical currents in your mouth. By using mercury-free dental fillings, electric currents are minimized which helps allow head and neck tissues to function more normally. The fact is, mercury in dental fillings can cause a serious problem concerning your health and our Memphis general dentist at Weston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, advocates the choice for mercury-free dentistry and mercury-free fillings, especially for our patients suffering from a chronic disease or illness.

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