Cosmetic Dentistry in Memphis

Teeth whitening in Memphis

Cosmetic dentistry in Memphis

Cosmetic dentistry in Memphis

There are a variety of ways to get your teeth whitened. But when you consider which way is the ideal one for you, it’s important to keep in mind three things: effectiveness, speed, and above all else, safety. You can go to any drug store or supermarket and select a product from their shelves that will promise to make your teeth whiter. Some will work better than others, of course, but the big concern is that many of them may contain abrasive ingredients; ones that will cause damage to your tooth enamel. At Weston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we use laser teeth whitening to give you the brightest teeth possible, in the most efficient way available. You can count on our cosmetic dentistry in Memphis to give you a smile that you’re going to be proud of.

You would probably not be reading this if you weren’t dissatisfied with the color of your teeth right now. But it’s not like you just woke up today and your teeth had changed color. It’s a gradual process that can be due to personal habits as well as the natural changes that come about with age. Foods like berries, soy sauce, and curry are known to stain teeth. The same can be said of red wine, tea, and coffee. And you may already be aware that using tobacco, whether smoking or smokeless, is a big contributor to the discoloration of teeth. Tetracycline and some other medications are problematic in this area too. But regardless of what you drink, eat, or use, your tooth enamel wears down as you get older. The tissue beneath that is revealed is just not as white, and so your will start to notice that your teeth are more dull. Our cosmetic dentistry in Memphis has the solution, no matter what the reason is that your teeth need whitening.

While the number of sessions you require will vary based on how discolored your teeth are at the start, with laser whitening, you can expect dramatic results after just a single treatment. Our cosmetic dentistry in Memphis consists of applying a translucent gel directly to your teeth and then activating it with the laser. Why wait any longer? Call us today and schedule your whitening session.

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